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BT Humble's Home Page

My own little corner of the web, dedicated to whatever is occupying my attention at the moment.
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John Deere F725 mower deck repair

How to make a cheap, long-lasting archery target butt


My new Field Archery PB!

Assembling a new wheelchair for a mate.


Constructing new gates for my backyard.


Converting a Hyosung GT650R sports bike into a GT650RS tourer.


My Simpit (flight simulation cockpit)

Various models created for the FlightGear flight simulator


Unaugural 2009

More Bikes for sale in Canberra (very cheap!)

A morning at the Boorowa Show

An Illustrated Plum Jam Recipe

Budget Bicycling - Continued

Food Preserving Season 2008-2009


Backyard poultry

Bikes for sale in Canberra (very cheap!)

Backyard Archery

Budget Bicycling - 1st Annual Summary

Homebrewed Dutch-style work trike

Unaugural 2008 preparations

My backyard veggie garden

Australia Day ride 2008

Suspension work on my 1989 Econovan Maxi

Budget Bicycling (continued)


My travels on the Great Victorian Bike Ride 2007

Franken90 - A 90cc crime against nature

Watering trees at Funkytown

Photos from the 2007 Canberra and Melbourne MotoGP dinners

Greywater recycling for my vegetable garden

Ride test of the 2007 Honda CBR125R

Budget Bicycling

Photos from the 2007 Wintersun rally in Mildura

Photos from the 2007 Unaugural rally of Tarago

How to replace the CMOS battery in an Acernote 370 laptop


My 2002 round-Australia motorcycle trip